On His Hike Of The Himalayas, He Captured True Majesty

In 2013, Sebastian Wahlhuetter was hiking the Himalayas when, during his trek from Rumtse to Tso Moriri in Ladakh, a dog appeared out of nowhere to become his hiking companion for an entire week. Wahlhuetter wrote that at night, he would sleep in front of his tent serving as a watchdog.

Even when he got up at 4 a.m. to climb the next 5,000m peak for sunrise, the dog followed. But the amazing thing was what happened when Sebastian finally reached the top. That’s where he managed to capture this spectacular photo of his impromptu companion who sat at the peak for 30 minutes pondering the meaning of life or just taking in the breathtaking view.

After this was posted, another hiker, Andy McDonald, commented that he too had met the same dog while trekking over the Korzok Range near Tso Moriri.

The first night he slept under my tent’s fly, then in my friend’s vestibule. For a couple of days we didn’t feed him, trying to encourage him to go ‘home’ – that was very hard because he was such a lovely dog. After we crossed a 5900+m pass we had no choice, and fed him well. He was a wonderful companion, but eventually abandoned us for a group of mountain bikers, who presumably had better food! I only have one picture of him, but it was taken at the top of a pass, the only time he was cold and sad.

The picture he captured wasn’t as majestic as Sebastian’s but it puts a face to the dog.

Of course, people hiking in the Himalayas gaining canine hiking buddies isn’t unheard of, but questions still remain. Who was this dog? Does he serve as a spirit guide of sorts? How long has he been ensuring safe passage for hikers? And how much food does he require as payment?

Source: Facebook