What These People Did To Hillary Clinton. I Couldn’t Stop Laughing

The New York Times Magazine recently ran a cover featuring Hillary Rodham Clinton called Planet Hillary. At first, it seemed like a prank that someone was pulling but after a couple minutes of research, it turns out the cover as well as the planetary puns are very real.

Naturally, this became an instant hit and turned into the meme of the day. With good reason. What people made out of this was hilarious. Here are a few of them.

@swasko: “Submitted for re-approval: A mashup of all photos on my timeline today. cc: @BriTheWebGuy”

@ItsFischy: Justin Bieber

@Rosen: An interactive version of Hillary

@linguangst: “Goodnight Moon”

@jiatolentino: Hillary is a bit chilly

@EliLanger: Texts from Planet Hillary

@notebrendan: Lady Hillary

@frucci: USA Hillary

@scottbix: I came in like a Hillary

Via: Daily Dot