24 Silly Baby Photos That Will Leave You Bursting In Laughter

One day, these babies will grow up and do their best to hide their old baby photos. They make really weird faces that they won’t want anyone to see. We think they look adorable though. See for yourself!

1. “I’m trying to give two thumbs up for the haircut.”
2. “You want me to smile? No, how about I just do this.”
3. “You know I clash with the background, right?”
4. “Uhh…why am I here?”
5. Babies just don’t like portrait studios.
6. “If you ever make me dress up like Santa again…”
7. “Wait, WHY did the chicken cross the road??”
8. “Eek! More vegetables??!?!”
9. SOMEONE hates baby photos. Like, a lot.
10. What Manny from Modern Family looked like as a baby.
11. She’s out for revenge.
12. Derp!
13. Tiny Mrs. Doubtfire.
14. “Not another baby photo”.
15. Did someone shave that hair on purpose?
16. She looks mature for her age.
17. “Ahh! Don’t creep up on me like that!!”
18. “Why’s there a blanket on my head?!?!”
19. The look she gives the boys on the playground.
20. “Who’s idea was it for this prop?”
21. Books make everyone sleepy.
22. Science fiction baby.
23. “I’ll show YOU happy!”
24. One word: sassy.

(H/T Pleated Jeans)