People Coming Out Of Waterslides Makes You Appreciate The Last Days Of Summer

Krista Long’s photos capture the emotions of swimmers at the exact moment they burst out of waterslides. Whether it’s fear, exhilaration or joy, her photos document them all. They make up a series called “I Love Summer”. The idea to film these subjects came to her randomly. As Peta Pixel puts it:

The series started out as a simple fascination: while with her children at the local pool, Long found she was incredibly amused by watching people make their exit from the nearby waterslide. The funny faces and awkward body positions made each rider more entertaining than the last, giving her a seemingly unending stream of not-so-dry humor.

Head over to Flickr to see more of Krista’s work in the series.

As summer fades into autumn and winter, hopefully these photos bring back great memories of your own summer.