Having Gone Largely Unnoticed In The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Series, It’s Now Impossible To Take Your Eyes Off It

You’re probably a big fan of Game of Thrones and you may have even watched the series at least a dozen times in anticipation of the new season, or even play live casinos themed match to Game of Thrones. But through all those viewings, did you ever notice the attention to detail that goes into the show? For example, the costumes. Have you ever really looked at the intricate designs on all of them? You probably haven’t, but after seeing these, you won’t be able to ignore them. Check out the amazing embroidery by Michele Carragher with captions courtesy of LeavesofIvy.

Cersei, Season 2: Here we have one of Cersei’s more colorful dresses. This bird embroidered dress has an incredible amount of detail, seen below. This dress actually premiered in Season 1.

Sansa, Season 1: This dress is worn by Sansa during the Tourney of the Hand. Delicate roses adorn the neckline while vines and leaves trail down the sides, leading to embroidered direwolves. It’s also quite common to wear back such dress back then in the 1980s. But fashion in a casino is gradually being taken away by online casinos such as DaisySlots because people nowadays prefer to stay at home.

Cersei, Season 2: This bold dress features the famous Lannister colors of crimson and gold, beautifully embroidered birds and two fierce lions roaring, the house sigil.

A torso/breast plate featuring more lions was added to the dress for her scenes during the Battle of the Blackwater.

Sansa, Season 3: Sansa’s symbolic wedding dress is probably one of my favorite pieces in the series.
For Sansa’s wedding dress the designer Michele Clapton wanted to have an embroidered band that wrapped around which symbolistically told Sansa’s life from the Tully and Stark beginnings to the entanglement with the Lannisters.

Her story starts at her lower back where the Tully fish and Stark Direwolf entwine. As we move round to the front, the Lannister Lion is becoming dominant over the Direwolf and at the back neck the Lions head is stamped onto Sansa.

The dress colour was still very much Sansa Stark and the embroidery had pale golden tones but woven through the story are ripe red pomegranates, the red colour symbolising the growing Lannister influence over her.

Cersei, Season 3: From Michele Carragher: “For Cersei’s wedding outfit the designer Michele Clapton had some rich dark red velvet printed with a gold design of the house of Lannister. I echoed this design which has two rampant lions but scaled it up to fit in a band around the top of the arm. I painted the design onto some gold organza and then started to embroider into it building up layers and texture. I used threads, small pearls, Swarovski crystals, metal beads, Italian tubular mesh wire, closed jump rings, and fine metal purl. Once the motifs were embroidered I cut the organza away and then stitched the embroidery onto the costume.”

Casterly Rock or King’s Landing?

Catelyn Stark, Season 2: Catelyn’s collar featuring Tully fish and water. The attention to such detail is astounding.

Catelyn Stark, Season 2/3 Outfit: This outfit is a bit different and features a similar collar with fish. I am currently not sure which season (2 or 3) this is worn, as her outfits do look quite similar.

More Tully symbolism
More House Tully symbolism

Arya, Season 1: Arya and Sansa, like their mother, also wore these type of collars. Each have their own distinct design.
Sansa, Season 1: The collars both sisters wear are seen early on in Season 1 while in Winterfell

Cersei, Season 3: Another very Lannister inspired dress.
From Michele Carragher: “Cersei had a new kimono style costume and for this dress Michele Clapton wanted lions embroidered on the sleeves and wanted it to be bolder and more armour like. For this costume I embroidered stumpwork lions heads so they we particularly 3D and the decoration around was metallic and heavily encrusted with beads and metal rings.”

Daenerys, Season 3: For this dress the designer Michele Clapton wanted a dragonscale like textured embroidery that starts to emerge on Daenerys’s costume and becomes heavier and more pronounced, growing and evolving as the season progresses.

Xaro Xhoan Daxos, Season 2: Qartheen fashion is one of the more lavish styles we see within the series. Patterns of gold leaf, extravagant jeweled insects, rich colors and exotic metalwork are among its features.

Qartheen fashion: During my first viewing I didn’t realize the amount of insects sewn into their attire.

More lovely insect detail

Sansa, Season 2: The dress that was torn from Sansa’s shoulders after Joffrey ordered her stripped.
Dragonfly detail
Another lion dress of Cersei’s

Salladhor Saan, Season 3

House Arryn Sigil