Guess What He Used To Make These Designs? Hint: It Can Keep You Warm

Tom Pfannerstill, out of Kentucky, uses his art to produce amazingly lifelike reproductions of crumpled up trash. It’ll surprise you the material he uses to create such jaw-dropping pieces. Pfannerstill employs a method called ‘trompe l’oeil’. This method relies on optical illusions to ‘trick’ the eye into seeing a 3D object. And the material Pfannerstill incorporates?


Pfannerstill layers paint onto the surface and as he adds more layers, the 3D image begins to appears. When he finishes, Pfannerstill inscribes the back of each creation with a few notes and where he found the object.

Even though each object begins as a mass-produced carton, package or cup, he feels when they reach his studio, they’ve transformed into unique design pieces.

Mechanical geometric precision is altered by organic twists, bends and folds. The sparkling clean surfaces are smudged and marked by everyday dirt, grit and grime. No two objects have exactly the same journey.

These hyper-realistic designs never cease to amaze. Find these images and more on Tom’s website.

Let’s share Tom’s works with our friends, they’ll enjoy his art as much as we did!