11 Odd And Ridiculous Female Products From The 1908 Sears Catalog

It’s always amazing to look back into history and examine the oddities from that time. Who knows. Maybe in 100 years, people will view our fake eyelashes and plastic surgery implants with equal surprise. Take a tour of these old female products from a 1908 Sears Catalog. Some feel quite quaint, while others make you wonder just what life was like back then for women.

1. Toilette Liquid for Removing Superfluous Hair. Love me some toilet liquid.
2. 1908 douches
3. 1908 douches look really hard to use
4. Ladies’ drawers
5. Bust supporters
6. Hair growing fountain comb
7. Sanitary napkins
8. English breast pump
9. Hip pad and bustle for that perfect 11″ waist
10. “Form reducers” aka eliminate your waist completely.
11. Nursing corset allows women to furtively feed their babies.

Which ones do you find most ridiculous? Comment below.