22 Kids Whose Spelling Mistakes Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

These kids misspelled one word and as a result, you’ll die in laughter. Whether on tests, drawings or thank you cards, their parents will remember them forever.

1. I love my whole family
2. Thank you for the shirt
3. Come with me to Father’s Day
4. I love Santa
5. My pen is in a goat
6. I come in peace
7. Likes to eat peanuts
8. You can’t catch me
9. I like pencils
10. Chum bucket
11. An account
12. I enjoy the beach
13. I will miss your house
14. Going to be in Virginia
15. Happy birthday Kurt
16. Cute
17. Abraham Lincoln
18. My dad is the best cook
19. Horses
20. She does math with us
21. ‘T’ is for tights

Hopefully, these children will spell better one day. Maybe they’ll end up writing funny food translations for companies like these people.