She Bakes The Most Macabre Pastries That You’ll Still Enjoy Eating

Imagine horror movie director Tim Burton at home baking cookies and cake. That’s how you’ll feel after looking at these baked goods from Christine McConnell. She describes herself as an artist, photographer “and I guess Baker”. Her food looks like scenes out of a ghastly movie, but delectably tasty!

1. Homemade waffle cones

2. Stacked lemon bars topped with honey meringue and buttercream dragon bees

3. Hand delivered with a 1950’s flair.

4. Scorpion sugar cookie held together with caramel and glazed with milk, sugar and nutmeg.

5. A half-snake/half-elephant concoction.

6. Chicken pot pie with beak and feet made out of carrots.

7. Danzig birthday cake.

8. Spider shortbread cookies glued with caramel, painted in chocolate and sprinkled with toasted coconut.

9. Spider cookies served straight from a B-movie.

10. Voodoo themed birthday cake.

11. The tongue on top of the cake is the candle.

12. A wedding cake.

Red velvet make up the top 2 tiers. The bottom tier has German chocolate with salted & toasted pecans.

13. Valentine’s Day sweets with fudge.

We can’t wait to see her next creepy cookies and cakes. Follow Christine on Instagram for even more tasty treats.

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