She Thought This Would Stop Her From Modeling, But America Thought Otherwise

Brit Bethany Townsend always wanted to model. She never thought that dream would come true for one reason. Townsend suffers from Crohn’s disease. This causes inflammation of the digestive lining tract and for many sufferers, such as Townsend, it forces them to wear a colostomy bag. These bags sit on the outside of the body and help maintain proper digestion.

Townsend, 23, received her bag in 2010. At that point, she thought modeling wasn’t in the cards. Then, one day, she posted a picture of herself in a bikini online. What happened next changed her mind forever.

Tons of supportive comments rolled in. Over nine million views gave Townsend the impetus to pursue her modeling dream. Vanilla Blush, a lingerie company for people with colostomy bags, already has offered her an opportunity to model their product.

We hope Townsend inspires you to take another step towards your dream. She shows that a strong will and resiliency can overcome many existing obstacles.

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