Something Eerie Started Taking Place In This Abandoned Mall In Thailand

In Bangkok, Thailand, shoppers can’t enter the New World shopping mall. Ever since a fire in 1999, purported to be arson started by a competitor, authorities have closed off the once-thriving center. In its place, an unsettling phenomenon has begun.

Travel writer Jesse Rockwell of the blog, Taste of the Road, wanted to explore the New World mall, but had to wait for police to stop patrolling the outside. Once that happened, he secretly went inside and discovered a remarkable world.

No stores, no signs, no shoppers. What he found were rivers of koi and catfish swimming about in several feet of water. All through this ‘urban aquarium’ fish darted about below. Apparently the mall flooded which gave these fish the perfect environment to flourish. Locals believe someone deliberately planted the fish, though no one knows for sure. Nature works in mysterious ways.