Marines Take Care Of Each Other As One Returns Home To An Amazing Surprise

Marine Corps Master Sgt. Jacinto Bernardo asked former Marine and friend, Jeremy Epperson, to watch his home while he made one last trip to his post in Japan. Epperson did more than that and when Master Sgt. Bernardo arrived home, he saw the surprise of a lifetime.

Bernardo recently retired after 21 years in the Marine Corps. Back in January, he bought a house in Suisun City, California. The house was in some rough condition, but as his wife later said, that’s all they could afford. His friend made a decision that would bring Bernardo to tears.

While both were away in Japan, Epperson helped organize volunteers to remodel the home with new carpets, new floors, new kitchen, new fixtures and new landscaping in the front and back. They all put about $70,000 of work into the home and the results are stunning! Epperson explained his actions:

Twenty one years in the Marine Corps, retiring, you don’t deserve to come back to a house where you have to spend a lot of your savings and time fixing it up.

Ever humble, Master Sgt. Bernardo, in between tears, summed it up quite well:

We’re proud of our service. And you know, those guys who didn’t make it back, and those guys that didn’t make it back in one piece, they deserve this not me.

Master Sgt. Jacinto Bernardo, we feel you deserve this as much as anyone.

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