Luis Suarez Bites His Opponent And Twitter Goes Off…On The Wrong Suarez

Uruguay bad boy soccer player, Luis Suarez, appeared to bite his opponent, Giorgio Chiellini, during the Uruguay-Italy World Cup soccer match today.

Twitter reacted swiftly, denouncing Suarez for his actions.

Even Neetzan Zimmerman, the online horse whisperer for breaking, viral news, got into the act.

Unfortunately, all these people blamed the wrong Suarez in their tweets. While they wanted Luis Suarez, the $75 million dollar Liverpool striker, they got this Suarez instead:

Diego Suarez from Argentina. Diego had a laugh in the beginning, telling people there were lots of Suarez’s in the world:

He even joked that perhaps people would mistake him for Diego Lugano, a player on Uruguay:

Quickly, he realized the impact of Twitter, tweeting out:

That translates to “Anything you say will be retweeted anywhere in the world by any idiot. I feel responsible for the first time in Twitter”.

Poor Diego. His Twitter blows up with pics of this:

and this:

When everyone really wants to tweet this guy, @luis16suarez: