You Will Appreciate The Joy Of Life, Friends And Soccer After Watching This Video

The World Cup brings countries and people together for one month of glorious soccer. We experience joy, sadness, close calls, tremendous excitement and heartbreak. However, for some people, they cannot experience all the emotions we may feel due to their disabilities.

Carlos, out of Brazil, cannot hear or see. All week he prayed to God for someone to interpret the Brazilian versus Croatia match for him. Hélio Fonseca de Araújo felt something inside his soul as he woke up in the morning and had the urge to call his friend Carlos to watch the game.

Hélio went out and built a miniature soccer field to help translate the plays to Carlos, while Regiane used touch communication on Carlos’ back to give him information about the players on the field, uniform numbers, fouls and other details. Together, they translated the entire match for Carlos.

When you watch the video, notice how Hélio and Regiane interpret the game for Carlos from the opening tip-off at 4:07, player introductions at 5:55 to the national anthem at 6:10. Carlos experiences the range of emotions from near-misses at 7:52 and 9:07 to pure elation when Brazil scores at 10:07. At the end of the video, make sure to turn on your closed captions translations when Carlos recounts joyfully how great it was to experience the game and how God went beyond his expectations.

Watching this video shows just how a sporting event like the World Cup can reaffirm the tremendous joy of friends and life.

Let’s spread the pure goodness of Hélio, Regiane and Carlos and share this video with everyone we know.