18 Predictions From 100 Years Ago That Didn’t Come True, But Still Sound Amazing

Imagine a future of flying firemen, airborne battles with criminals and electric caps that plug into someone’s brain to help them learn. Some French artists from 1900, including Jean-Marc Côté, designed these postcards for inclusion in cigarette and cigar boxes. They first came about for the World Exhibition in Paris around that time.

Their ideas of the future didn’t quite come true, although a couple almost did. One theme appears quite common though. People back then really expected lots of things to fly. Take a look and see what we mean.

1. In Pursuit of a Smuggler

People in 1900 evidently thought flying would play a big part in the future. Criminals would make their big escape with wings and a fan. This has not come true, though we do have drones.

2. The New-Fangled Barber

Everyone loves automation. Perhaps robots will still cut our hair, but just not yet.

3. Divers on Horseback

The invention of scuba diving tanks came about in the middle to late 1800’s. Therefore, it’s understandable why someone back then could see us in scuba gear underwater. What’s not understandable is why we would ride sea animals underwater.

4. Electric Scrubbing

Again, automation. While our contraptions don’t resemble the one in the picture, we do have Roombas.

5. A Very Busy Farmer

If a farmer could plow his fields from a central station with power lines hooked to electric equipment, his productivity rate would skyrocket. Alas, we still rely on tractors and manual labor.

6. Fishing for Seagulls

Imagine fishing for food in the air, not the water. People in the past thought we would don our scuba helmets, wait under water, then lure seagulls with bait. We can’t see why a shotgun wouldn’t work better.

7. Aviation Police

Perhaps we would have more flying policemen with less air regulations.

8. The Little Eagle-Nest Robbers

Evidently, people in the year 2000 would fly around robbing birds of their offspring and beat mother birds off with sticks. Chances are this probably won’t happen, though we do reserve a 1% chance on the basis that people are crazy.

9. A Race in the Pacific

Underwater racing on sharks. Now, this sounds fun, though it qualifies as animal abuse.

10. At School

Learning would take so much less time if we could strap electrified salad bowls on our heads. What would happen with a power surge? It would blast twice the information into our heads, turning us all into little Einsteins.

11. A Monster of the Abyss

Giant octopuses would kidnap our women necessitating our need to spear them. Those octopuses. Always causing trouble.

12. Madame at Her Toilette

Multi-tasking. We could replace sitting on the throne reading Facebook with sitting on the throne having robot hands do our hair and nails.

13. A Torpedo Plane

The first bombers came about in 1913, only 13 years after these predictions. That could explain why torpedo planes aren’t too far off the mark as a prediction.

14. A Croquet Party

Flying and underwater activities. The most prominent future activities. Here people predicted a rousing game of underwater croquet. We assume they understood physics back then, and realized how hard this would be. Yet, someone predicted it.

15. A Whale-Bus

If we didn’t ride the whales in the future, we would have them transport us through the sea. The whales dodged a bullet with this one.

16. An Aerial Battle

This prediction isn’t so far off. Planes battle in the sky already, this one’s just a larger version of a plane.

17. Aero-Cab Station

While we don’t have aero-cabs, we have Disney’s monorail.

18. Aerial Firemen

Firemen, police, everybody flies in the future. It may soon happen, if jetpacks become prevalent.

What prediction do you have for the future? Or what current predictions do you think others will find odd 100 years from now? Comment below.