5 Of The Best Animal Selfies You’ll See Today, And Maybe Even Tomorrow

Humans aren’t the only ones who love selfies. These animals couldn’t help but get some face time in these travelers’ photos. G Adventures, an adventure travel company, recently released the book, Looptail. It documents Bruce Poon Tip’s history building the company from the beginning to one that now operates in over 100 countries worldwide.

To celebrate the new book, Tip selected the best animal selfies from submissions all over the world. These came out on top.

1. A llama in Peru gives a winning smile in this selfie.
2. The mother of all animal photobombs. This seal steals the thunder from a group of penguins in South Georgia.
3. An Arctic polar bear spreads out and gives its best supermodel pose.
4. An Antarctic penguin gets up close and personal.
5. This cheetah in Kenya prefers the strong, stoic pose.

Animals have such personalities. Let’s share these charming photos with an animal loving friend today.