These Celebrities Posed For Pictures With Their Younger Selves. See How They’ve Changed

Through black magic (Photoshop), we can now document celebrities posing and taking pictures with earlier versions of themselves.

Here’s Miley Cyrus. Where’s the tongue?
Drew Barrymore has not aged too much. Her youthful spirit comes through in every photo.
Ahh, Lady Gaga. We hear she never wears the same clothes twice. Bring back the meat suit.
Matthew Lewis played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films. He’s already 24. Does that make you feel old?
Bryan Cranston starred in Breaking Bad, one of the best series ever created. He got his start in the soap opera, One Life to Live, 20+ years ago.
Beyonce still looks stunning, now and then.
Justin Bieber comes off much more innocent and less douchey back as a kid.
Robert Pattison looks about the same, although those eyebrows look like they get shaped and trimmed nowadays.
Christina Aguilera became a mother, gained baby fat from giving birth, and we think she looks much better for it.
Justin Timberlake’s face has begun to fill out. We hope a double chin isn’t next.
Keanu Reeves does not age, has not changed facial expressions and probably is a vampire.

Source: Imgur