A Gunshot Wound Stopped Her Rescue Efforts. Now Over 200 Dogs Need Our Help

In Thailand, over 200 dogs are at risk as they may lose their shelter. Their main caregiver, Warin Taphaothong, has had a harder time due to enduring a gunshot wound she got from protecting her nephew.

Warin helped thousands of dogs at her sanctuary in Thailand.

She would feed them healthy portions of rice and chicken.

Last year though, while protecting her nephew from family abuse, Warin was shot by her brother-in-law. She was rushed unconscious to the hospital. She has recovered, but as a result of her situation, no one was able to take care of the rescued dogs. Lack of food, disease and a major flood further complicated her efforts.

Harmony Fund, which specializes in helping rescue operations such as Warin’s sanctuary sums up the courageous life of this woman:

It’s going to take 1,000 hands to heal this situation. I look at this tiny woman and I see giant. She has such purpose, such a profound impact on the animals around her. We can’t count the number of animals who have benefited from Warin’s care and now it’s up to us to come together to help her carry on. We must set up shelters, fencing, utilities and bring in all the supplies needed to care for the animals in their new location.

Harmony Fund has helped scout a plot of land near the base of a mountain in Thailand. They hope to build a sanctuary with electricity, water and a kitchen to cook for the dogs. They need every dog lovers’ help in building this rescue home for dogs.

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Please visit Harmony Fund for more information on how to help.

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