Photos Of Rescue Dogs Show Their Charm And Playfulness. They’ll Make Your Day!

German photographer Elke Vogelsang brings out the most adorable sides of her rescue dogs in these portraits. Noodles, Scout and Ioli all model for Elke and with Elke’s great photography skills, their personalities come to life.

1. Meet Noodles!

She’s a 7-year old, Galgo Español mix who was rescued in Spain. Elke adopted her at 8 months old and describes her as “the eager beaver, a clown, calm, worldly-wise, cool, eager to please and to learn, loves every being.”

2. Meet Scout!

Scout came to Elke at the tender age of 5 months old. She was discovered in a field alongside her seven brothers and sisters and unfortunately, her deceased mother. Elke describes Scout as “the sensitive one, Madrileña mia, metropolitan girl, hunter, single-dog wannabe, beautiful, wary, alert.”

3. Meet Ioli!

Ioli’s the male of the bunch. He joined Elke’s family at 6 months of age. Sadly, one eye required removal due to soreness, swelling, and a developed tumor. That doesn’t stop Ioli from being “sweet as honey, possessive, always happy, always funny, sometimes cheeky and insecure, charming, energetic, diva, and born to be a photo model.”

Elke also has tremendous love for animal rescues and takes portraits of homeless dogs for free.

Here’s Elke describing this portrait:

He is more or less 18 years old and his family’s pride and joy. Today he posed for my cover photo session for an animal welfare organization as if he was born to do this. Last winter some strange people abandoned him, chained to a tree in a park.

Elke’s photographs show just how wonderful dogs are.

We’ve covered many photographers such as Jessica Trinh and LaNola Kathleen Stone who use their photography to help dogs find homes. Now, we can add Elke Vogelsang to that list.

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Source: Dog Heirs, Wieselblitz Facebook, Wieselblitz Website