4-Year Old Makes Amazing Paper Dresses. You’ll Love Her Celebrity Designs

Look out Vera Wang! There’s a new up-and-coming designer. She calls herself Mayhem, she’s 4 and oh, she makes dresses out of paper. This pint-sized ball of creativity has been fashioning these designs for almost a year and shows no signs of slowing down.

Her mother Angie got tired of finding her clothes in Mayhem’s (that’s what her mother calls her daughter) toy box. From that day, they started on these designs. Angie says about Mayhem’s inspiration:

The ideas are pretty much a 50/50 split, but Mayhem constructs a lot more than most people would probably believe. That’s one of the best things about this project, I see her learning new skills every single day.

As for the materials:

Most of the time. We use a lot of construction paper, but we also use tissue paper, wrapping paper, and gift bags. We have also used silk scarves, tulle, and aluminum foil. Basically, if we can find it laying around the house and it’s pliable, it’s fair game. Clear packing tape and glue are our adhesives of choice.

What a great way to bond with her daughter and nurture a child’s creativity.

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Source: HuffPo, Fashion by Mayhem